New e-Learning platform for online business courses is now LIVE!

online business courses for entrepreneurs

Hi there, I’m excited to announce some big news: Nerds of Business has re-launched as an e-Learning platform for entrepreneurs!

Our vision is to publish the most impactful online business courses in the world (yes big call I know, but stay with me….)

If you’re one of the 35,000 people who downloaded our podcast episodes, I wish to thank you for the support you’ve given us since our launch in 2020. 

And if this is the first time you have learned about Nerds of Business, welcome to our community. 

Our interviews with 30+ entrepreneurs (worth a combined $4 BILLION) have helped us reach No. 3 in Apple Podcast Charts in Australia. It ignited our team to bring more value to business owners who are hungry to ‘crack the code to growth’ in their own ventures. 

About Nerds of Business e-Learning

We started as a hit podcast show in Australia designed to ‘make entrepreneurs happier’ by solving the key challenges that all entrepreneurs must overcome. 

It was during this period when we had the ‘light bulb moment’ that changed everything.  Realising the opportunity to bring private growth systems to the wider world, we’ve developed this platform so entrepreneurs can more easily scale profits and make it to #1.  

Our online courses are totally unique. They are an immersive experience that includes gamification, pop culture refences, and all the downloadable templates you need to put the system into your business ASAP. 

Each course has its own set of use cases and student types, but generally, our courses are for busy people who want results, fast:

  • Business owners who want more growth
  • Entrepreneurs ready to start something and change their life
  • eCommerce stores hungry for more sales
  • Business leaders seeking higher performance in their teams
  • Business coaches keen to upskill and widen their offer
  • Agencies and organisations seeking to train staff

Click here to explore available courses.

We’ve started with two courses, but have more coming soon.

Open for Instructors and Affiliates 

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs and business leaders with the knowledge they need to break through and win – in business and in life.

We’ve invested in technology to bring a community of like-minded people together. Our platform connects students, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs with the ‘nerds’ who teach our amazing courses.

If you’re interested to contribute your time or skills, you can join us as an instructor. Click here if you are an entrepreneur or a subject matter expert and you want to unlock the full value of your knowledge. 

We’re also keen to partner with affiliates who share our values & believe in our mission.

Click here if you want to help our mission as an affiliate. We offer exciting perks and rewards for individuals or organisations who can help us spread the word. 

Nerd It Out with podcasts, articles & online business courses 

If you’re a ‘business nerd’, or you want to become one, you’re in the right place. The site is already full or podcasts and transcripts on how to launch and scale a venture.  Soon we’ll begin publishing articles and seeking contributors.   

So if you want to get involved, or you have questions/comments/feedback – please get in touch with us.

I look forward to ‘nerding out’ with you real soon.   

Cheers, Darren

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