Neuroscience Your Marketing

Simon Hawk · May 25, 2022

Are you spending too much money on advertising? Not getting the results you need?

It’s time to discover the REAL rules of marketing – the ones that actually work.

Neuroscience Your Marketing is 6 modules and 28 lessons that will teach you the secrets of great marketing, based on the principles found in the worlds of neuroscience, sociology, psychology and economics.

This is a course designed for eCommerce stores, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers who are frustrated that their advertising is not working.

This is all about going on a journey to understand how your customers are really making decisions.

Whether a customer buys – or doesn’t buy – often comes down to a series of tiny split-second decisions.  Once you understand how the brain actually works you can begin to to tilt the odds in your favour more often.

In this course we reveal how to leverage the fundamentals of brain science for an unfair advantage that will drive your competitors crazy. We will give you a framework you can apply across your entire marketing & sales functions, and across every piece of content you create.

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    About Instructor

    Simon Hawk

    Simon Hawk is a published author and proven leader with 15 years experience across marketing, PR and communications, sales and sponsorship. He has held senior roles with corporates such as Eithad Airways and has worked with globally iconic brands such as Hugo Boss, Qantas, Xerox and more. At Etihad he controlled annual marketing budgets of $10 million, across 16 markets, reaching 18 million passengers every year. Simon has also collaborated with some of the top marketing and advertising agencies in the world. He has been intimately involved in the design and implementation of dozens of successful campaigns. It was during these senior roles that he became fascinated with how large corporates use neuroscience to drive profits ‘at scale’. He is passionate about making these techniques available to small business and entrepreneurs too. He began by publishing a book called The Decision Expedition, which is also a consultancy at And he has now developed this into full online course, published exclusively on Nerds of Business. FUN FACT: Simon is from the U.K originally where he played first-class cricket for Durham. He is a right handed batsman, and bowls a beguiling medium-pace!

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