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A community of business 'nerds' who know what it takes.

Nerds of Business is an eLearning platform that truly understands the needs of business owners.

Our unique online courses are designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Everything we teach has a laser-like focus on delivering real-life outcomes that empower you to achieve greatness.

We started as a podcast hosted by founder, Darren Moffatt. Over several years Darren interviewed thirty top entrepreneurs from companies worth a combined $3.5 BILLION.

The podcast was a hit! It’s reached a high of #3 in the Apple charts.

The insights gleaned from these remarkable conversations seeded the idea for a different kind of business course. But our core mission remains: to help business owners to ‘crack the code’ to growth in their own ventures.


At Nerds of Business we believe that almost any business can boost users, sales, revenue or profits – with the right training.

The problem is that most solutions vying for the attention of startups and business owners are slow, boring or ineffective.

Academic courses offered by universities and colleges are impractical, too long, and taught by people with no real world commercial experience. The content is often hopelessly outdated.

Business coaching can be better, but it’s very expensive. It also suffers from a rigid one-size-fits-all approach that can take ages to yield results.

We offer a third way: fast learning. Our online business courses are power-packed with the practical knowledge your business needs to solve specific problems, right now.

Want to overcome a challenge, learn a new skill, or up your game to beat the competition? Nerds of Business is the agile solution you need.

Oh, and our instructors are nerds, not academics. They’re entrepreneurs who’ve become subject matter experts though talent and sheer grind.

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“Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.”
Jim Rohn
Famous entrepreneur & author

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Rated 4.4 stars on Apple Podcasts

"Hooked after just an episode. Clever, not a ‘business for dummies’ type approach. Informative, out of the box advice and real life applications and actionable steps. Love it."
Signor Mont
"Great show, I’m an aspiring entrepreneur and I’ve learnt a lot especially about launching a product. One thing I would say is to dive deeper with your speakers and dig really deep into their brain!"
"It’s really great to have a quality podcast about local Australian and NZ entrepreneurs. This is a really refreshing format with multiple voices featured for each episode. I learnt a lot. Keep it up!"

Training that fits into your life. Lessons on-demand, 24/7.

We get it. You’re busy.

You need to upskill, and you love the idea of learning but you’re not sure you’ve got the spare time for a full-on course.

Investing in education (both for yourself and your team) is essential if you want to launch a business, keep up with competitors and get ahead. But how do you make it fit in with everything else?

Relax. We’ve found a way.

Nerds of Business courses are designed especially for busy people. They’re fast, and they’re impactful. We’ve front-loaded all the good stuff, and cut the ‘fluff’.

Only powerful, effective training that gets results ASAP. That’s it.

And we’ve invested in tech. You can learn via beautiful apps (coming soon) on any device, anywhere – at anytime. Learn on the go, and at your own pace.

Unlike other courses or coaching programs, our training is free of rigid schedules and unrealistic demands on your time.

It’s how eLearning for small business should be

Frequently Asked Questions

Each course has its own set of use cases and student types, but generally our courses are for busy people who want results, fast:

  • Business owners who want more growth
  • Entrepreneurs ready to start something and change their life
  • eCommerce stores hungry for more sales
  • Business leaders seeking higher performance in their teams
  • Business coaches keen to upskill and widen their offer
  • Agencies & organisations seeking to train staff.

Our online courses are totally unique. They are an immersive experience that includes gamification, pop culture references, social learning and more. They are the opposite of boring. Course lessons are short and packed with value;  Nerds of Business courses have an average lesson time of just ten minutes.

Another way to explain the difference is ‘not just courses, but systems’.

The training programs our instructors provide are actually complete systems, ready for you to activate in your business today. Everything we teach is focused on solving real problems, and exploiting hidden opportunities for more sales, revenue – and ultimately profit.   

Our courses give you the step-by-step playbook and all the downloadable templates you need to hit the ground running, and start making money ASAP.

Finally, our instructors are breed apart too: imagine being taught by a super-nerd entrepreneur with complete mastery over their topic (and years of practical experience), who is also humble, engaging & accessible. Impossible? Not at Nerds of Business, but it is an unusual combination you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

Yes, absolutely! The number one complaint of busy entrepreneurs and business owners and is that they’ve been let down time, and time again, by ‘dodgy consultants’. It’s very common for businesses to hire external consultants to fulfil a particular service (or solve a key problem) only to see that consultant fail. Often they end up making a bad situation worse.

Remember the old saying “when you want something done right, do it yourself?” Nerds of Business courses empower you and your team with a step-by-step DIY solution. Nerds of Business courses come with all the templates, tools and resources you need to take back control and implement the system into the business yourself. You also get access to the instructors via the group chat!

The Nerds 100 day guarantee essentially makes your purchase of a Nerds of Business course risk-free. We are so confident that you’ll love our training programs – that they’ll make a massive difference to your business and your life – that we give you 100 days to seek a full refund. Terms and conditions apply, so be sure to check out the refunds and returns page for more details.