How to Manifest Money or Love: The Complete Skeptic’s Guide!

Manifestation and Escapism 

When it comes to achieving the life you want, ‘manifesting’ your dreams and ambitions seems like a very…hopeful approach. 

Many rational people are skeptical of the daily manifestation practices that healers, therapists, and life coaches give their clients. How is it possible to think your way into your desired life? 

Skeptics view manifestation as a visualization method for escapism (and that’s being polite!). People tend to develop unreasonable expectations that manifestation alone will bring their desired life into existence. But it is possible that having clear thoughts on what you want directs your mind subconsciously to look for opportunities relating to the vision. 

The reality (according to those who practice it), is that manifestation deals less with escapism and magically bringing forth material items. It is more about embracing and accepting life for what it is while keeping a clear vision for your goals. 

At the very core, manifestation is a way of making something theoretical real. Without a clear vision, it is more inclined toward escapism or ‘wishful thinking’ than reality. 


The New Trend of ‘Manifesting’ 

As the pandemic lockdowns began, searches for “manifesting” went up six hundred percent !!

On Instagram alone, the posts with hashtags #manifest and #manifestation totaled fifteen million. Similarly, the views of manifestation content surpassed nine billion on Tik Tok, and the vloggers who gave manifestation advice became instant online celebrities. 

When the lockdowns ended, manifestation took shape in courses and retreats. Methods such as “Manifesting Creativity,” “Manifesting Happiness,” “Manifesting love”, “Manifest Your Financial Freedom,” and many more were offered. 

For those having problems with the concept of manifesting, events were arranged, such as “Why doesn’t the Law of Attraction work for me?” 

Presently, there are various ways in which you can practice manifestation. The popular manifestation trends include the “369 manifestations” and “55×5” techniques. 

The “369 manifestation” includes writing declarations at different times of the day, while the “55×5” approach suggests consistently writing an affirmation fifty-five times a day for five days (!!) 


How You Can Manifest Money 

Who would not want to make more money if they had the opportunity? The answer is: too many to count. We all hope to accumulate wealth, yet often fail to do so. 

Why do we find it difficult to manifest money into our lives and never achieve financial success? According to those who believe in the power of manifestation, it’s because of our mindsets. 

Financial success starts in your mind, and the beliefs concerning wealth often become an obstruction. To those who believe they can manifest money, the “Law of Attraction” is an essential aspect of manifestation and an efficient way to change your beliefs about money. 

Here are some ways the “Law of Attraction” (supposedly) can help you acquire financial prosperity: 

1. Point Out Your Limiting Beliefs About Money 

To use the Law of Attraction, you have to identify ‘limiting beliefs’ concerning wealth or money. 

Throughout our lives, we often hear limiting beliefs such as “money does not grow on trees,” “money cannot buy happiness,” and “you cannot be rich and a good person simultaneously.” According to those who believe in manifestation, It is necessary to identify and eradicate such beliefs, so you can achieve the required mindset to obtain wealth. 

If you view money as something scarce or difficult to obtain, your mind will stop you from gaining wealth. Such a mindset will not be receptive to new opportunities and will fail to acquire financial success. 

What you think becomes what you believe, and what you genuinely believe becomes a reality. So, accordingly, you should see money as an unlimited supply of a resource that can be used in any desired way. 

2. Visualize Your Wealth 

a man manifesting wealth

The Law of Attraction states that the things you believe in will be attracted to your life. If you intend to attract money, it is essential to visualize money as you already have it. 

According to this ‘law’, visualizing an environment where you have all the desired money makes your mind more receptive to financial gains. It further helps you to imagine what your life would look like once the intended goals are achieved. 

Tony Robbins and others argue that a fundamental reason the wealthy get richer is that they see the money they do not have as quickly acquirable. They visualize capital as much and achievable and see it as a medium to make more money. 

The abundance mindset is usually achieved when you have a lot of money. But apparently, it can also be developed by visualizing money as an asset that you already possess in abundance. So, when you think of being rich, according to the Law of Attraction, your mindset will be more inclined to achieve financial success. 

(Mmm, for those wondering what scientists would say about that, check this out)

3. The Universe Will Provide More? 

A central tenet of those who believe in manifestation is that The Universe will give you more once you are grateful for what you have. That is, an essential element of manifestation is the power of gratitude. Because the things you are most thankful for will be the things that you pursue with the utmost passion. 

Being genuinely grateful for having money eliminates any ‘limiting beliefs’ you have. This helps to make your mind more receptive to new opportunities. 

But to buy into this premise, (or depending on your level of skepticism, to suspend disbelief), you have to accept that The Universe really is a benevolent force that is conscious of your efforts, thoughts and desires and is ready to reward you – as long as you show gratitude.


Is Manifestation Pseudoscience? 

Although manifestation has become increasingly popular, many psychologists and medical professionals often link it with pseudoscience. The scientists claim that manifestations and books concerning The Law of 

Attraction are based on pseudoscience; they might claim to be factual but are not based on scientific evidence. 

According to skeptics, many of the concepts associated with manifestation are falsely believed and followed. You must filter out the misconceptions to genuinely understand how to manifest what you want. 

Here are some common misconceptions and beliefs regarding manifestation: 

1. Instant Results 

Many people wrongly believe manifestation is a process that gives instantaneous results. That is, that you can just ‘wish’ something into existence.  

People hope for quick results through manifestation and often end up being disappointed. Even those who practice manifestation say it takes considerable time, commitment, and a genuine intention to acquire the desired results. 

If you genuinely manifest they believe, you will allow yourself to wait for the process patiently. You will wait without anxiety to acquire results and know that The Universe has your back. 

2. Following Several Practices 

A popular misconception is that manifestation involves following several practices and methods simultaneously. 

A common practice Is 369 manifestations, where you write down your affirmations several times a day. Many wrongly believe that “the more, the merrier” works in practices relating to manifestation. 

The truth is that when you are exhausted and fatigued, you are not in a receptive state. You aren’t an energetic match for what you aim to acquire. So, following several manifestation practices might not be fruitful at all. 

3. Getting Linked to a Specific Outcome 

An extremely common mistake people tend to make is aligning manifestation with a specific outcome. Although it is essential to be clear about what you desire to manifest, it is equally crucial for you to acknowledge to remain flexible. If the desired outcome is not achieved, then something better may be planned. 

When you are rigidly attached to the desired outcome, you tend to miss out on how things truly manifest. You are fixated on seeing the results as you perceive them. According to those who believe, The Universe always has a better plan to manifest something in a much better way than you can possibly imagine. 


Working Hard & Starting A Business – or ‘Manifestation’? 

You often hear that hard work is the critical driver for success, but others claim that mere manifestation practices can achieve desired results. Many argue that you can manifest what you want, but how will you reach the intended results without hard work? 

man working hard on laptop

A renowned neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart talks about manifestation and how mere visualization does not work. She explains that hard work is essential, and you must create a plan toward your intended goal. 

Swart mentions that manifestation allows our brain to think extensively about what we want to achieve, but hard work allows us to take necessary action towards the envisioned goal. 

In the present society, we are often pressured and fatigued by the hustle culture. It is immensely significant to ask yourself what you want to achieve and whether it is realistically possible. 

You should adequately manifest your goals and devise a work plan to achieve them, as manifestation without hard work will not get the desired outcomes. 

The Takeaway 

It seems clear that the process of manifestation may change how someone perceives the world around them (and therefore influence their chances of achieving a desired outcome). Based on the lived experience of millions of people who practice manifestation, it does appear to spread positivity and may help achieve a mindset better aligned to success.   

However, skeptics and scientists would argue it doesn’t change the objective reality at all. And it’s certainly no substitute for hard work. Hard-nosed entrepreneurs might even say that if you dream of making money then starting a business, developing a feasible plan, and executing that plan well is still the most reliable way forward.

What do you think? Is manifestation:

a) just an exercise in misguided daydreaming

b) a harmless but mostly positive activity that produces a ‘placebo effect’

c) a dangerous load of pseudoscience babble  

d) a powerful mindset tool 

Leave your comment below! 

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