Business Nerds:

Become an instructor with us. Teach an online business course with real impact.

Have you thought about converting the knowledge and skills you’ve accumulated into an online business course, but don’t know where to start?

Nerds of Business might be the answer. 

We partner with select entrepreneurs and subject matter experts who want to unlock the full value of their knowledge. The courses we publish are focused on educating start ups, small & medium enterprises (SME’s), and aspiring entrepreneurs on business growth.

We provide an end-to-end solution from ideation, course design, course production, the technology to host and publish your course, all the way through to marketing, sales and beyond. 

Nerds of Business instructors each have slightly different reasons for joining the platform. But the benefits are universal. 

Monetise your knowledge


Raise your



Develop a new revenue stream

The ultimate in thought leadership.

Most people haven’t worked it out yet, but online courses are the next frontier for B2B marketing.

High quality courses designed to solve the problems entrepreneurs are a huge opportunity for service-based businesses and consultants.

For those servicing the B2B market, publishing your own online course is the ultimate in thought leadership.

Online courses also represent a fresh marketing channel; a new way to reach your target clients. Truly useful course content offers a genuine win-win, both for instructors and their prospective students.

However, creating and selling online courses that connect with target users in a meaningful way is easier said than done. Which is where we come in…

Why sell courses online with Nerds of Business?

Designing and publishing a winning online course is hard.

If the idea appeals to you, then perhaps you’ve already explored the options. If so, you would have discovered that coming up with an idea is the easy part; it’s everything else that stops most people from launching a course.

Unlike other online course platforms, we offer an end-to-end service that puts all the pieces together for you:

Feature (or service) Other course platfroms Nerds of Business
Course Hosting
iOS and Android app for students (coming soon)
Direct messaging with students 
Testing and market validation for course idea 
Course design help 
Course production help 
Course marketing
Course sales reporting

Do you have what it takes to be a Nerds of Business instructor?

Nerds of Business is always looking for new course ideas and instructors. Our online business courses are curated, and highly selective. We are open to niche markets, and look to cover these broad topics:

  • Financial
  • Advertising & marketing
  • Sales
  • Technology
  • Start ups
  • Human resources

We set a high standard for the instructors on Nerds of Business. We look for experienced entrepreneurs or practitioners who have become subject matter experts though years of experience.

Fake ‘gurus’ selling bogus business advice are not welcome. Please do not apply.

Here are just some of the minimum requirements we look for in our instructors:

  • Course ideas that solve real-world problems
  • Proven mastery of your subject
  • Verifiable results for the method you want to teach
  • Replicable systems that can be taught online
  • A viable market for your course idea
  • Alignment with our values

NOTE: There is an approval process for getting your course idea onto our platform. If you are successful, publishing a course with us involves an investment of time & money.

Still keen to explore further? Pitch your course idea to us and receive an info pack with more details.

Instructor Frequently Asked Questions

No. Publishing an online course of substance and high utility to your target students is a significant undertaking. It requires many hours of planning, storyboarding, design, filming, and editing. Instructors should be ready for an investment of time and money. However, the production costs that we offer to approved instructors are heavily discounted compared to what you would pay an agency to put it altogether for you. The ultimate cost depends on a range of factors, which we detail in the info pack. Generally, the larger your social media following or media profile, the lower the cost but this is by no means the only consideration.

We’re not for everyone. If your course is very short, the content is already widely available online, or it’s not focused on helping people grow a business then it won’t suit Nerds of Business. If you meet the criteria on this page (above), and you want more direct hands-on support with the production and marketing of your course than most other platforms can offer then we’ll be a good choice.

Yes. Approved instructors enjoy access to the pooled marketing resources of the platform which makes it easier to achieve sales activity. However, many instructors have aggressive sales targets and for this we offer additional paid marketing packages. Once again, these packages are heavily discounted compared to what an agency would normally charge.

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