Nerds of Business is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to break through and win in business - and in life.

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What’s In It for Me?

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Why Nerds of Business Courses?

We aim to publish the most impactful short business courses in the world.  Our ‘nerd’ instructors are subject matter experts, hand-picked for their experience and their passion for empowering entrepreneurs to fulfil their potential.

About Us

Nerds of Business started in 2020 as a podcast with the aim of ‘making entrepreneurs happier’ by solving the ‘key challenges that all entrepreneurs must overcome’.

After two years of interviewing entrepreneurs worth billions of dollars and topping the Australian podcast charts, we’re extending our mission. 

Nerds of Business is now an online course platform where selected instructors teach courses that solve particular ‘growth problems’ common to many business SMEs.

We 'Crack The Code’ to growth

We believe sharing knowledge is both powerful and empowering. Using the power of technology our nerds can provide on-demand training on any device, so that busy business owners can learn at their own pace. 

Every Nerds of Business course is actually a business system, with actionable steps that are proven and practical. Learners can use our frameworks to start or scale a business right away.

“Hooked after just an episode. Clever, not a ‘business for dummies’ type approach. Informative, out of the box advice and real life applications and actionable steps. Love it.”

 Signor Mont

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