YouTube for Personal Branding: The Quick Guide to Video Marketing for Shy, Time-Poor Small Business Owners


Why YouTube Is Beneficial for Small Business Branding

YouTube videos are a great way to make your business stand out among your competitors. YouTube is no longer considered merely an entertainment site; it has developed into an innovative video marketing platform. YouTube is a convenient tool to gather an audience for your small business.

YouTube was reported to have one and a half billion users monthly in 2017. YouTube users spend more than an hour watching videos on their mobiles or tablets.

So, the high volume of users and increased watch time hours make YouTube a great platform to market your small business. After all, videos are significantly more accessible and more effective in engaging your audiences than written content.

5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Must Use YouTube

Here are some of the reasons why your small business should use YouTube:

1.  It’s Free

Unlike expensive television or radio ads, YouTube is free of cost — for the most part. Since YouTube is free, your small business has a similar potential to go viral compared to a recognized brand.

YouTube videos are some of the most shared and circulated cost-free content on the Internet. They’re seen by millions of users. Users can repost something to their accounts through a single click, spreading content like wildfire.

So, using YouTube for small businesses can undeniably give a much-needed boost to your marketing techniques and increase your target audience at no actual cost.

Making a YouTube channel for your small business is similar to having a second website without paying for upkeep or hosting. Amazed much?

2.  It Can Help You Increase Sales

Your small business can use YouTube to promote its services to acquire more valuable leads.

A video on your YouTube channel can be a great referral or call back to your business website. Your videos include specific keywords and tags that ensure to gather the right audience through popular search engines.

The exciting fact is that YouTube is owned by Google, which has a share of around eighty-four percent of the global search market.

So, when users search on Google, they can view videos. Almost all videos through Google redirect users to YouTube, making the platform an effective and popular medium to showcase your products.

3.  It Has a Massive Audience

YouTube is a popular video platform that has grown significantly in recent years. Research shows that three hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Plus, seventy-seven percent of internet users between the age of fifteen and thirty-five are on YouTube, which gives you a large audience to target through your videos.

Like Google or Yahoo, YouTube is a search engine for tutorials, product feedback, and explanation videos. You can obtain a much greater audience by creating engaging videos on YouTube for your small business.

4.  It Offers Great Customer Support

You can create videos for your customers regarding the most commonly faced problems with your small business’s products. This will result in the reduction of support costs and enable your customers to resolve their issues.

Also, free YouTube tutorials allow users to resolve their concerns about your products, resulting in better customer support.

5.  It Leads to Improved Engagement

Using YouTube allows your customers to comment, share, and watch each video. This gives your small business an excellent opportunity to engage with the customers on your channel.

Many times, viewers will leave questions or comments under your video. You can utilize customer feedback to improve and create better content for your videos and improve your products.

Moreover, sharing videos through social media gives you a further chance to communicate with customers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


How to Get Started with a Minimal Budget

Starting your YouTube channel is not difficult at all. You don’t actually need expensive equipment or years of experience to make YouTube videos.

Here’s how you can create your own YouTube videos without bankrupting yourself:

1.  Create a YouTube Account

You need to first create a Google account for your small business brand. After that, use the Google account to create your own YouTube channel.

You can also create a custom channel name for your account and include a profile picture that could be your brand’s logo.

2.  Create Channel Art

Channel art lets your YouTube channel look more professional and ensures your customers know how to find you online.

It effectively shows your brand’s personality and creates a visually appealing YouTube profile. For the best results (on mobile and desktop devices), YouTube recommends that the channel art be 2560 x 1440.

3.  Customize Your Profile

To utilize all the customization options for your channel, you must click the gear icon in the section under your channel art. Through the “Channel Settings,” you can sort your channel into five tabs: Home, Videos, Playlists, Channels, and About.

Under the description heading, you can briefly outline your products and business objectives. You must include the relevant keywords in the description to ensure that people can easily find you when they use YouTube.

Also, you should have links to the social media accounts of your small business since these links can engage a larger audience.

4.  Brainstorm Your Content

Videos can be a pivotal part of your content marketing strategy. Providing customers with high-quality, entertaining content that makes them revisit your channel is immensely effective.

You need to plan your content in a way that makes you connect with customers who are looking for what your small business offers.

5.   Upload Your First YouTube Video 

After creating the channel and planning your content, it is time to upload your first YouTube video. Using YouTube Video Creator, you can upload videos to your channel.

When the video is uploaded, you will be redirected to the YouTube Studio, where you can edit the details of your video and manage your channel

Creating YouTube Videos: Do’s and Don’ts

Although many of us intend to create our own YouTube channel, a considerable number fail to put their work on the channel for fear of negative critiques or the removal of videos.

So, it would help if you kept the rules in mind to ensure that your videos are correctly uploaded and engage the target audience.

Here are some recommendations for creating YouTube videos for the branding of your small business:

1.  Focus on Quality, not Quantity

Your YouTube channel should have one high-quality video than several poor-quality videos. High-quality videos will ensure that your customers want to revisit your channel repeatedly.

If you’re out of ideas, you could start by sharing short, engaging clips having helpful information to your customers.

2.  Properly Brand Your Channel

You need to ensure that your channel is visually engaging. Track branding can be done by adding thumbnails and high-resolution graphics to ensure your channel is more recognizable to your subscribers.

Add a banner, custom URLs, description, bio, and other graphics to make your channel more appealing to the customers.

3.  Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial and necessary aspect of the YouTube algorithm. You can describe each video separately using keywords and tags to attract the kind of customers you want.

Keywords should appear in the video title so search engines can easily index it and your target audience can find the content.

4.  Don’t Publish Everything at Once

An effective strategy is not publishing all your videos on the same day. Try to upload your videos regularly, so your customers can anticipate your uploads.

You can set a goal for creating quality content that can be uploaded every other day so your customers have something to watch every day.

5.  Avoid Responding to Negative Comments

You must engage your audience by responding to comments and suggestions. Plus, you should listen to the feedback and use it constructively.

Although it is crucial to respond to your audience, it is also essential that you do not respond to negative comments. Your strategy should be to ignore the negative trolls and engage supportive viewers so they will revisit your channel frequently.

The Takeaway

YouTube is a platform home to more than two billion users worldwide. Plus, it engages more than thirty million users across the globe, making it an excellent platform for branding small businesses through video content.

After all, videos promote your small business brand and its objectives more effectively than the website or written content. They are highly engaging and helpful for all types of small businesses.

Thus, creating a YouTube channel for your company offers a centralized and free-of-cost platform for your customers to engage with your videos. So, whip out your smartphone or tablet, and start making videos that will take your small business to the next level.

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