Season 3 Trailer: “Mindset of the disruptive entrepreneur”

We live in an age where the most iconic global brands are

run by disruptive entrepreneurs.

Companies such as Uber, Tesla, Facebook, Amazon, and others

like them are hard-wired to move fast and break things.

They re-write the established rules to crush powerful,

incumbent players, dominate industries and create entirely new markets.

Famous founders such as of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Mark

Zuckerberg have amassed BILLION dollar fortunes and generated untold wealth for


But cultural influence is perhaps their defining legacy.

They’ve provided the template & the inspiration for thousands of start up

entrepreneurs to disrupt markets everywhere.

These founders are the new apex predators of the commercial


But what makes them tick? Are disruptive entrepreneurs born

that way, or can anyone adopt their mindset to achieve the pinnacle of success?

I’m Darren Moffatt, host of the Nerds of Business podcast.

In season 3 I’m joined by business psychologist Stephanie Thompson and top

entrepreneurs from the U.K, the U.S and Australia in a quest for answers.  

We’ll discover the key psychological traits that power these

elite founders to the top, and we’ll hear incredible real stories that shed

light on why – and how – they‘re winning in local and global markets.

So Join us as we unlock the secrets to the mindset of the

disruptive entrepreneur. Coming soon on Nerds of Business.


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