What is Neuroscience and How can it Help your Marketing and Sales?

Our Brain is Amazing

Did you know that the human brain is the most complex structure in the universe? 

That’s right.

Yes, that thing just sitting there right now in your head.

It is made up of over 100 billion different neurons, and each of those neurons has a unique set of its own 10,000 outputs to other neurons – which creates upwards of a quadrillion different connections and a potential combination of distinct states that is impossible to count!

Yes, that thing.

And you own one of those yourself! In your head. Right now. Congratulations! You are amazing.

It is our biggest advantage over every other living creature on Earth. It is the result of millions of years of evolution that have helped us develop, survive, and thrive as a species, all leading up to what we are now, and you are sitting there reading this blog.

Every single action you take can be linked to the working of that supercomputer in your head. 

Amazing, huh?

And you know what? Your customers have one too.

So, let me ask you – while we have established that you have one and are even using it right now and that your customers have one and are also using it right now – what do you know about the brain and how it works? How much have you thought about that, and how it might be important to your business?

You might have spent many hours thinking about how you can persuade your customers to purchase from you. 

But have you ever taken a step back and asked, ‘What am I trying to do? What is the purpose of all of this at the most basic level?

Well, let me tell you – you are ultimately trying to interact with another person’s brain positively. 
Simple as that. 

Whoever your customer is, whatever business you run, whatever product you sell or service you provide, you are fundamentally engaging with someone else’s brain.

Traditional marketing techniques are often very focused on getting you to segment your audience into different groups by their age, their earnings, and their favourite type of cucumber. 

But, you see, what is more important to understand is this:

We all have a brain that is the same!

That’s right.

We may all look different, come from different places, do different jobs, and prefer different types of flavoured milk. 

Still, we all react in similar ways to certain types of external stimuli, and we process information in certain similar ways too. All of us!

How Can You Implement This in Your Business? 

 You can do certain things that are more effective at engaging the brain than others, and if you use them correctly, you can better persuade and influence your customer to make the decisions you want.

Interesting, eh? And, you know what? I bet you’d like to know what those things are.

Many entrepreneurs immediately spend their hard-earned money on advertising to talk to their potential customers. 

Still, they do this without clearly understanding which marketing techniques are the most effective for these adverts. 

Suppose you do not use effective methods of persuasion to convince these potential customers to purchase from you successfully. In that case, you’re potentially wasting your money because your adverts will not be effective!

So you need to know the best methods to engage and persuade your customers when you are talking to them, which means you need to know what influences how they make decisions.

And to learn this, you need to travel into the worlds of different areas of study – namely neuroscience, sociology, psychology, and behavioural economics – and explore how your customer’s mind works.

Integrating these areas produced some essential tidbits of information that can help you win in business. 

A Few Examples

  • Did you know that 90% of your customers’ decisions are made non-consciously? Therefore, you need a marketing plan for both the conscious and the non-conscious customer to ensure you are getting your message across in a way that will be effective. 
  • Did you know that the brain’s natural reaction to someone trying to persuade them on a conscious level is to form counterarguments? So the less you try to convince, the more effective you are!
  • Did you know that our brains, through a concept called neuroplasticity, are constantly building themselves based on our experiences? By harnessing this feature, you can influence how your customer’s brain perceives you through the right mix of associations and memory. 
  • Did you know that the society in which we live has an enormous influence on all our daily decisions? You can leverage the powerful concepts of herding, image motivation, and more to drastically alter the way your customer perceives your brand. 
  • Did you know there are rules to best engage your customer’s body and senses? Mastering these rules will allow you to tap into their hormones to ensure your customers are in the most likely state to purchase from you. 
  • Did you know there are only two types of stimuli that any of us experience – novelty and familiarity? Creating the right balance between these two is fundamental to how you engage your potential customers. 
  • Did you know that specific concepts in neuroscience (processing fluency, colour psychology, nudging, and priming) can help you structure the physical parts of your business? You can apply these concepts to many areas of your business from your logo to your website, to ensure your prospect becomes a paying client. 
  • Did you know there are proven techniques for presenting your products to your customer? Powerful tactics such as using decoy items, Hobson’s plus one rule, pricing psychology, behavioural economics, and more can help you influence how your customers decide. 

That’s right. Science-based strategies work, and you should be using these rules as a framework to guide every decision you make, not just in your marketing but across your entire business.

From now on, use the ‘rules of the brain’ as a framework for any marketing activity you do. 

Whether you are building your website, writing an email, or buying an ad spot on prime-time TV, these rules will always, always, always be relevant. 

Because it does not matter which platform you are using – from YouTube to Facebook to the back page of your local newspaper – or how much you are spending, you are still ultimately talking to a human brain and, as I say, on a fundamental level, our brains are all the same!

Neuroscience Your Marketing 

So let’s cut through the overwhelm. You don’t need to know every single thing about every single platform. You only need to do one thing: understand your customer’s brain.

It’s believed that 90% of decisions are made non-consciously. That’s right. I just said 90%… 90%!

Traditional marketing techniques are focused on targeting our conscious decision-making, but the majority of your customers’ decisions are not made on this level. 

So, what should you do about that? Well, that is what you need to know.

Be ready for a deep dive (although no scuba gear is needed!) into your customer’s mind to answer the questions: 

  • How do they make purchase decisions? 
  • How can I design my business to appeal to them correctly? 
  • What are the real rules of marketing?

Our journey will give you insight into all the key areas of how your customers’ brains make decisions. 

We’ll arm you with the knowledge to apply immediately to your growing business venture, allowing you to get inside the minds of your customers and, as a result, create marketing strategies that will help you to reach your ambitious targets, whatever they may be.

When you understand the workings of your customer’s mind, you have the power and the knowledge to create effective strategies to appeal to it, whether or not you have a giant budget! 

Thanks to neuroscience, knowledge is definitely power!!

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