Welcome to Nerds of Business. If you’re an entrepreneur or business leader ready to fast-track growth through e-Learning, you’re in the right place.  


We Started As A Hit Podcast Show

Nerds of Business was founded in 2020 by Australian entrepreneur Darren Moffatt. We started as a podcast with the aim of ‘making entrepreneurs happier’ by solving the key challenges that all entrepreneurs must overcome.

The show has been featured by Apple podcasts twice, & even reached a high of #3 on the charts. The Nerds of Business podcast now has a global audience, with fans in 59 countries.

Rated 4.4 stars on Apple Podcasts

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The light-bulb moment that changed everything

We interviewed 30+ top entrepreneurs worth a combined $4 BILLION. We began to notice some fascinating patterns. Firstly, ALL of them were ‘infinite learners’; they were each highly curious people on a never-ending quest for knowledge. Learning wasn’t something they just did, it was foundational to their very being. 

We also noticed that many had created their own unique business systems. Whether for marketing, sales, product development, operations, HR, or financial management they had often developed their own amazing processes and methods.

Proven systems for scalable growth, that no-one else had access to.

The ‘light bulb moment’ struck: What if we could bring such systems to the wider world? How much easier would it be for other business owners (and their teams) to achieve success?

entrepreneur education, done differently

Taking the learnings from our podcast success (and a healthy dose of inspiration from our guests), we set about creating a different kind of e-Learning platform for entrepreneurs and small business.

10 minute lessons

for max impact

Social learning

with group chats

24/7 access

on all devices


for motivation

Pop culture references

for fun


To publish the most impactful short business courses in the world. We seek to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to break through and win in business – and in life.

Business systems, not just courses.

The training programs our instructors provide are actually complete systems, ready for you to activate in your business today.

Everything we teach is focused on solving problems, & overcoming the challenges you need to grow profits.

Nerds of Business courses give you the step-by-step playbook and all the downloadable templates you need to start making money ASAP

Our instructor ‘nerds’ are hand-picked and vetted through strict quality control. They must have complete mastery over their topic, years of practical experience, and have developed a proven growth system that offers the potential for a unique course experience.

Unique Course Content

Entrepreneur instructors

Tools and Templates

And Hottest Techniques

& Actionable Strategies

'DIY' your growth. Take control of your destiny.

Launching & running a business is hard.

Solving problems is at the heart of the entrepreneur’s journey. Big problems. Little problems.

Every. Single. Day.

We believe entrepreneur education is the answer.

Specifically, training that shows business owners how to solve the problems of growth – as it confronts them.

And who can you trust to teach such courses?


This is why we exist: to connect those with a business growth challenge, to the nerds who’ve got a solution (that’s proven to work).

We’ve only just started. But as we publish more courses to solve more problems, we aim to have a positive, measurable  impact. On their revenue. On their profits. On the quality of life for stressed-out business owners.

About the founder

Darren Moffatt is an award-winning business person who is passionate about entrepreneurship.

He is a recognised leader in both the financial services and digital marketing industries, and over a period of twenty years has helped hundreds of businesses grow.

He launched his first start-up in 2006, and Seniors First remains today the largest reverse mortgage brokers in Australia, and has originated in excess of 3,000 loans.

In 2012 Darren co-founded a tech start-up ‘Facebook for Neighbours’ called Housenet. The social networking site was later awarded as one of the top 100 Innovations in Australia in the Smart 100 Index.

Since 2014 Darren has been Director of Digital Strategy & Content at 5-star digital marketing and SEO agency, Webbuzz.

Meet the nerds behind the nerds

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